How To Repair Frayed Honda Generator Pull Cord

How To Easily Repair a Frayed Pull Cord

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Repair frayed pull cord

Frayed pull cord? In this video I’m going to show you how to repair your Honda pull start cord without changing the entire recoil assembly. This is a little bit of a hack that I’m hoping is going to be successful. If you’ve had a Honda, any pull start generator long enough you’re¬†going to have some wear on it. That wear is going to snap at some point when I need my generator most. That’s usually how it happens. What I’m going to do is I’m going to pop this cap off and cut that off right there, where the wear mark is and then re-assemble it. There’s enough play out of here before it engages.

I’m hoping there’s enough here that I can cut this where it’s most worn, and so I’m using my vice grip pliers to hold that in place. I do not want that to let go. If it recoils inside there. I’ll never get it back again. And then the hardest part. I think of this as popping this cap off . So I’m using a flat tip screwdriver and pop that off. You might need something thinner too. Something like this. Just a little pry bar I have, and now I have access to the cord in here. Now I’m, going to take something to cut this with. Cut it right here and I’m going to light the end and that’ll keep it from fraying.

The Result

I’m gonna attempt to do this knot. I’m not great at knots, but i am going to copy this old one here. Pulling this all my might to make sure it’s not gonna… Okay that appears to be pretty good. This cap back on and release my vice grip. Alright now’s the moment of truth to see, if I have enough here. Well, if this generator frayed pull cord video helped save you some money or some grief later on please give us a thumbs up.


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