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Honda EU2000i Generator, EU2000iC Companion Generator

Honda EU2000i Generator, EU2000iC Companion Generator

A great thing about generators is that they able to bring power to you wherever you need it and when you need it. Whether it is at the campsite, on an RV trip, on the job site, or for backup power at home or at the cottage, portable generators are the perfect solution for all kinds of scenarios. The great thing about the new Honda EU2000i generators is that they provide all of that in one of the lightest and quietest packages on the market. The EU2000i generator delivers2000 watts at peak output and 13. 3 amps.

So what does that mean? It means you can run everything from hand held power tools, to outdoor lights, back up short power when you’re boating or for emergency situations like power outages where you need to keep your furnace fan or sump pump going. Plus thanks to the clean power produced by the EU2000i it’s safe to use with your sensitive electronics. That’s right, laptops, cell phones, you can keep connected. Even in the middle of nowhere. At less than 21 kilograms or 46 pounds this unit is easy to carry.

The patented technology on the exhaust and muffler makes it a super quiet solution for situations where you need reliable portable power without all the noise. Well there’s a lot you can power with the new EU2000i on its own, there are times when it would be handy to have twice as much power. And that’s no problem. the new EU2000i can now be paralleled with the EU2000i companion model. So I’m going to let my good-looking friend here tell you all about this exciting new feature.

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So one of the coolest features about the new EU2000i is that by using this parallel operation cable we can combine this EU2000 with the companion model giving you 4000 watts peak output. Here’s where it gets even better having high voltage without adequate amperage limits the amount of power you can get out of your generator regardless of how much power it’s actually producing. The new EU2000i companion features a built-in 30-amp twistlock outlet allowing you to unlock the power that these two generators are producing. Did I mention that the 30 amp outlet was built in? This is what gives you the maximum rated amperage output available for powering devices that require higher voltage and amperage like AC units for your RV. It’s easy to see how these generators can not only suit your needs for today but can easily be expanded if and when those needs grow in the future. Nicely done! To find out more about theEU2000i series and the entire line up on generators  be sure to subscribe here for all the latest updates.

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